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 Blacknest      1998/99    Greywacke    18 x 25 x 28 cm



Greywacke is a type of grey sandstone/siltstone, this rock was reclaimed from a field in Cheshire and I liked it for its steel grey color and gritty texture. However it proved to be very tough to carve and quite brittle also, but the brittleness eventually became a feature of the final piece.

I had the idea of a sculpture with many lines etched on its surface to describe the form as well as providing a pattern, this was inspired by looking at rocks with trace fossils imprinted on their surfaces ( a trace fossil being the marks left by a fossil rather than the fossil itself). See the maquettes page for the original clay model I used.

Blacknest is the name of a village in Hampshire where my great-grandparents hail from, but it also seemed a good descriptive term for the final sculpture.