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    Dodgems   2008        Wood/paint & paper/felt-tip  



(Fair Play exhibition photos above. Fair Play workshop photos below)



In October 2008 a small team of artists from Bankley Studios organised the Fair Play exhibition/workshop at St Mary's Church and Bankley Studios Gallery in Levenshulme, as part of the nationwide Big Draw event. The idea was to create a 'creative carnival' environment in which the general public could explore new ways of drawing through workshops devised and implemented by local artists.

My contribution was 'Paint my dodgem' , an activity that involved designing colourful 'paint-jobs' for dodgems, initially with felt-tip on paper which could then be transferred to a larger wooden version using paints. It was aimed primarily at children and hopefully they found it engaging and inspiring but I also wanted the idea to have further artistic merit that would appeal to adult artists as well. The hinged, cut-out dodgem shapes were devised partly for practical reasons (so they would be free-standing) but also to suggest the dodgems bumping into each other, as they do !, this 2D/3D interaction is something that I feel I can use in my own future sculpture work, another benefit from undertaking this kind of project.