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    Greenhouse   2004        


    120 x 180 x 210 cm 







In October 2004 a small team of artists from Bankley Studios organised the Secret Garden exhibition/workshop at Bankley Studios Gallery, as part of the nationwide Big Draw event. The idea was to create a garden environment in which the general public could explore new ways of drawing and also see the ways local artists had interpreted the theme.

One of my contributions was to build a 'greenhouse' made of wood and plastic which was filled with appropriate objects. Visitors could then draw these objects using felt pens, on the plastic covering. The idea was to make drawing slightly easier, by 'tracing' objects, and also to make people aware of the need to keep your head in a set position when drawing. Once you moved your head the 'tracing' became a disconnected drawing as you could not directly see the subject in position.

The original intention was to cover the greenhouse in fabric and light it, in order to create shadows to trace, however the gallery would have to be a lot darker to be able to see the shadows clearly, so it was not feasible.