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                     "hello?"              2006           Clay, chipboard, paint            30 x 30 x 70 cm

                                                                    FOR SALE

Not strictly speaking a 'maquette' this piece was my contribution to the SMALLpond launch exhibition, an exhibition where most of the studios in Salford and Manchester contributed work to launch this combined studio web-site initiative. As it uses a clay figure, I'll include it in this section.

Initially I had the idea to hammer a hole in the top of a chipboard plinth, just because I thought it would look interesting. Then I had the idea to 'make' something on the plinth that directly related to the hole. So I used a ball of clay and made a little figure looking into the hole, it is really expressing the imaginative consequences of using basic materials and being forced into making something. Hopefully different narratives will come into the minds of viewers, this is part of the basic appeal of artworks, for example the spoken title could either be coming from the figure or from the hole. The piece could even be seen as an allegory of the artistic process, illustrating creation and destruction and attempts at communication.