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    Out of control   2006         

    Soccer ball/ clay 

    Variable dimensions 







    Wallie    2006

    Acrylic paint and clay on paper

    A1 size






'Wallie' installed at 'Really' exhibition at Bankley Gallery in 2010



Some football-themed work here, reflecting my interest in the sport in combination with my artistic work. The work was meant to be quite light-hearted but I actually think it has a lot of resonance, with men in particular, linking past experience with muddy footballs to a messy art experience in a gallery setting. I also like the fact that an actual activity is implicit, in an obvious way, in the finished artwork. 'Out of control' was a piece for the Bankley Open 2006 show and I think it has potential to be expanded to a larger scale, and the soccer ball itself is a wonderful object with its three layers of pattern - the smeared clay, the screen-print on the ball and the stitched 'bucky-ball' pattern.

The 'Wallie' version of the concept was done originally as a work on paper in 2006, but subsequently repeated as a wall-piece for my solo show at Bankley Gallery in 2010. It reflects my current interest in using and abusing geometry for visual effect whilst also linking it with use of materials and evidence of 'working' and 'making'.

'Wallie' was also recreated for the 'Fantasista: The Playmaker' football-themed show at The Cello Factory, London in 2013.