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    pollute!     2016    

    Used pop can, gneiss     18 x 21 x 24 cm

This piece is more of a study really, a working idea, but I think it does have merit and possibilties. Linked to the Outcomes of crowd mono-thought work, contrasting natural and man-made objects and how they can be considered in relation to one another. A used, empty can of pop left atop a randomly-fashioned lump of rock. Why would you leave it and leave it there? The lump of stone (gneiss I think) was sourced as a naturally-shaped large 'pebble', but I did abrade the surface to remove the dirt and to reveal more clearly the structure of the rock form.

The work will hopefully be part of the 'Echo Chamber' show at Bankley Studios in July 2017, an exhibition of studio artefacts and side-products that provide inspiration to the ongoing work of artists. https://www.facebook.com/bankleygallery.