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    New Build   2003         

    Breeze block/sand/wood

    paving flag/acrylic paint  

    28  x 50 x 50 cm 





This is the second breeze block construction I have made, following on from the washer I made for the 'Draw in the Crowds' exhibition. I very much liked the effect of white paint on the various textures of breeze blocks, plus the use of a paving flag as a base.

The concept for this was that it is 'new build' or new construction but with the purpose of only exploring the qualities of the building materials, not to build anything useful. I did however get carried away with the idea of it looking like a big cake with the builders sand mimicking chocolate topping. I think there is scope with these to do a whole series of different block constructions maybe with some carved areas, as a diversion from my more intensive carving projects in natural stone.