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        Washer   2003 
        Breeze block/paving flag/paint
        100  x 50 x 50 cm 







This is the first breeze block construction I made, for the 'Draw in the Crowds' exhibition/workshop at Bankley Studios Gallery. The exhibition was part of the Big Draw nationwide event, where a group of Bankley artists took photos and collected art materials from the local high street in Levenshulme in order to use in a workshop on the theme of drawing the local environment.

Whilst taking the photos I was inspired by the washing machines lined up in the street, which I thought would look good replicated in breeze blocks against our 'skyline' backdrop in the studio (see above photos). Breeze blocks have an interesting texture to paint and draw on but they are also soft enough to scratch into, exploring other forms of 'drawing'. Breeze blocks are much in evidence in the urban environment and it was also beneficial I thought to have some 3D object to draw onto to give a contrast to the normal 2D drawing surfaces.

I also carved into certain areas of the finished construction, using my carving skills! to give it a little more sculptural interest. The finished piece was quite a success and has spurred me on to try the technique in further work i.e. in new build.